About Mystery Shopping

We all shop in some form or another, and many of us enjoy shopping. But very rarely does opportunity present itself to do what we enjoy doing and getting to charge for doing it. Imagine earning extra income for going shopping and filling out a questionnaire!

Mystery shopping is basically a form of market research. You are asked to gather information from a customer's perspective based on your store experience. Often times, this is done without the knowledge of the personnel where the shop is taking place. As a mystery shopper, you may therefore be asked to do some acting. This is not to deceive anyone but rather to assure that the information being gathered is representative.The first thing to remember is that you are providing a service to assist our clients in evaluating the typical customer experience. Therefore, you are not contracted to “catch anyone in the act” or trap the client's employee. Rather, it is your assignment to answer specific questions in an un-biased and constructive way. This helps our client better understand how their employees are serving their customers, and provides them with direction for implementing necessary training to improve the guest experience.

Join our Secret Shopper Team

As an independent shopper, you will contract with us as an Independent Contractor, and not an employee. Each month we have various mystery shop assignments available on an assignment-by-assignment basis.

We have assignments available all across North America and welcome you to join our national independent contractor network.


Become an Independent Evaluator

Mystery shoppers range in age, gender, ethnic and economic backgrounds. The key to being a successful mystery shopper and receiving continuous assignments is:

  • Complete any given assignments inless than 48 hours
  • Checking your email regularly for available assignments
  • You should be able to remember small details and have excellent observation skills
  • You should generally enjoy interacting with people
  • Have access to a scanner or digital camera
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills
  • Have reliable internet access and transportation

    Benefits of Secret Shopping

    • A great way to earn extra income of $200 per assignment
    • Many assignments include reimbursements while you keep the items such as retail stores and restaurant which include the cost, tax and gratuity
    • Your mystery shopping feedback directly improves customer service
    • You have the opportunity to learn new information and skills
    • You are an independent contractor, therefore you can pick and choose assignments you are most interested in

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