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V NSM 379/11


Of 02 March 2011,

Sqd-West District Lublin in Lublin V Department of Family and Juveniles in puts to the following:

Chairman: SfAzia SR Malin El2bieta

Clerk: Secretariat. Aneta court Czajkowska

after diagnosis on 02 March 201, in Lublin

at the hearing

with the participation of the District Attorney Prokurutury Lublin - Lublin RWY South Drożdak case of an application by Monika Markowska

with Andra , and Urbanowicz A child edition

resolves as follows:

proposal put away,



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Sign. act, V Nsrn 379/11

Protocol shall,

Of 02 March 2011.

District Court of Lublin - Lublin V West in Family and Juvenile Division in the composition of the following:

President: Judge SR Elizabeth Molin

Clerk: secret court. Aneta Czajkowska

at the meeting in camera to recognize the case

The conclusion: Monika Markowska

starring: Andrew Urbanovvicz for a baby

The meeting opened at. 10.00 - closed at. 11.20

Due to the lack of capacity consolidation course of the meeting with sound recording equipment or and sound, the President ordered the preparation of the protocol only in writing, in accordance with Article, 1.58 2 kpc.

After calling showed up.:

The applicant nothing appeared out of the date notified properly.

Sworn Translator Agata csobikie Axes.

The player with the attorney Adv. Ewa Zielinska - power of attorney on file,

Prosecutor Rejorlowej Lublin - Lublin Eve in South yeast.

Bogus witnesses presented themselves Dobrowolska AAD and Tomasz Markowski 68915S 045996 ATK. Witnesses Christine Dobrowolski Tyczyn and Joseph did not appear.

Representative participant and witness stand ACY oświadczajzt that Christina and Joseph Tyczyn " Dobrowolski are absent in Lublin.

Pelnornocnik participant declares that he renounces, evidence Krystyna Tyczyn. Attorney declares that declines, evidence of Joseph Dobrowolski.

The court decided to release a sworn translator and ignore evidence of witnesses and Józera Tyczyn Christine Dobrowolski.

The court decided stawujących interviewing witnesses.

God, uslawa Dobrowolska, age 53, no occupation, nk, mother of participant informed about the right to refuse to testify declares that he wants to zeznawadir,


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Tomasz Markowski, 44, the driver, nk, the father of the applicant, instructed the right to refuse

testimony declares that he wants to testify.


Witness testifies 13ogislawa Dobrowolska:

I am the mother of Andrew Urbanowicz. Son and Monika have our blessing. According to the customs of Gypsy were married. This was in line marriage. We lived together in Ireland since 2006 to go with my son and Ireland. I went with her ​​husband to Ireland to his son to help him and take care of the child. Besides, we have other children there, to Polish returned at the beginning of July 2009. Monika lived with us until May 2008. Then Monica moved out of the house, since the beginning of 2008 Monika began to drink, do sometimes come home at night, not taking care of the child. They're arguing, and I will not interfere. We never fought and tore. When Monika me cry, I did not hear crying, after removal Monika did not come to the child. I do not know if she called to her son. At the moment, lessika brought up at my house. There is no child's relationship with his mother. A child does not ask about his mother, forget about your mother. We have no photos of her mother, I think that the child does not like her mother poznałoby saw. Monica's reason for moving was to introduce another man - an Irishman, Monika knows where the child is staying in Lublin. Monika pocljeła not try to make contact with the child, if the test has enabled the such contact, how to live according to Monika all performed with the baby and the item y it is not dealt with a child, I always come tired, I worked somewhere in the store. Prior to the desired helped with the baby, Child says to me, Mom and Grandma.

Witness testifies Tomasz Markowski:

I am the father of Monika Markowska, now living in England for a year. Previously I lived in Poland and abroad. In 2002 I lived in England. My residence is dependent on where I work. Then I lived in England with his wife and children for about 5 years. Monika went to school in England, and not purnietarn or walked in Poland, I have five children. Other children went to school in England and Poland, Younger went to Scotties only in England and now also walk, I'm a Gypsy, We have our customs, rules education. Postepujerny in accordance with these rules. My daughter Monika and Andrzej Urbanowicz were married according to our customs. The wedding did not take office. Solve more problems according to their rules. As she leaves the man also solve ŁO according to their rules, my daughter moved away from her husband. I think that it is not fit to be a mother and wife and responsible in the family. At first they were compatible marriage, then they began to argue. She was finding jakie.ś problems. I lived in Ireland since about 2 years very close to her daughter and son in law. In the beginning was with them very well, then daughter started playing, hum, nothing fits as family, mother and wife duties. In 2008, she left the family, she left her husband and child and moved to another mężezyzny. I love my granddaughter. Have contact with his granddaughter. She needs a mother's care, a mother and a mother's love. My daughter is not a mother, I find it hard to say, but she is not ready to be a mother, her behavior that I witnessed - how she carries does not fit into the family and parenting behavior. My daughter urn to read and write in Polish. My daughter signed two documents at the notary public in 2009, it was authorized to issue a passport my granddaughter Jessica and permission for me that I am her representative. She wanted to give up a child, and I had to get it. Documents written in the notary office in the White Podlasie. This lady notary przeezytala aloud the documents in the presence of her daughter, my presence, my wife and asked if everything is correct and or daughter understands everything and is in agreement. The daughter replied, "yes," Nobody can force me! to the fact that these documents were created. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything. Now it is one I am not afraid or anything. Recently I saw Jessica 3, 4 days ago, I was at their house. Daughter when she was a notary, and the next day went. Spent the night in a hotel in White Podlasie, I proposed her bed at home, but did not want to, she wanted to be alone. Then came the same. There have brought gifts for Jessica and she did not want to see her, not asking for the phone, and nothing has shown any interest in the child. Then I informed her daughter about the outcome of the case. She agreed to

`WLN, d1 <half the statutory tiporwrii.erliu and zkoż, position

prtyrzeozenia zcznaja ";


3D URODZINNY FAX NO: 10 MAR 0B14775182. 2011 11:20    p.5

począłku it from. There was no interest on her part, I did not tell her daughter to sign these documents, I did not tell her that something was threatening me, did not force her to sign a small document, I do not know if my daughter is still in connection with the MQ'kczyzną, probably yes. No daughter of a court document showed. I told her over the phone that the court did as it is written in the document, Daughter is a constant work in Ireland. I think., That financial considerations influenced the fact that it has applied for a child. I think he wanted to have an apartment and allowance for single mothers. I think my daughter may have more children. It is healthy . , Young . female. She still does not know

Family is the most important as Mumy, she did not yet an adult, I'm wrong, that if the daughter wanted nawiązz .. IC contact with the child, it would not hinder JGJ, told her daughter to visit the child, the child My daughter needed an object juk. I do not think she would be able to deal with a child. Jessica sometimes the grandmother says, "Mom" "Tessika not ask about her mother. She . djan palnięta quite probably not. By agreeing to a passport for Jessica Monika knew that the child will go with her ​​husband to Polish. She gave the child as if it's bull. She has no sense of being a mother ± . My wife is currently in England, together with our children. Andrzej Urbanowicz properly perform its duties towards the child. Dia. Gypsy family we eat najważniejsz.a,

The prosecutor and counsel for the participant declares that additional evidence not report conclusions.

The court decided to hear the participant in accordance with Art. 299 of the Code in conjunction. of art. 13 § 2 of the CCP and art. 302 § 1, instructing the content of art. 304 kpc.

Andrzej Urbanowicz testifies;

Confirm the explanations given in the information mode and add: poor their culture and try to follow these rules. Monica in a g ew.fie broke the rules, not exported child of 'Ireland against her will, not Monica threw her out of the house or not expelled. Voluntarily be moved. I was not present at the notary as Monika signed the documents. Yesterday on Monika did not come to the child, despite the fact that Ms. prosecutor about it yesterday announced that it has such a right. I tried to make contact with Monica after their removal, because I wanted to be with her ​​', but she did not want to. That's all I have to testify.

Attorney seeks to reject the request because there was no child abduction. Pelnomoenik participant seeks the dismissal of the application.

President zomknE. 1 1 hearing and the council announced the decision by reading and give reasons orally major decision and instructed remedies.

President instructed the court notice of the obligation of any change in residence.





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Sign. Act V NSM 379/11 MINUTES

On March 1, 2011 r

District Court of Lublin in Lublin V West Family and Juvenile Division composed of the President, Judge Elizabeth Molin SR

Clerk: Jolanta Kuchnicka

at a meeting of the door zarnknięłych rozpoinal case

the application of Monika Markowska

with the participation of Andrzej Urbanowicz

About the child

The meeting started at 10.00 am finished 13.00

Due to the lack of capacity consolidation course of the meeting with registration devices sound or image and sound., President zurządził preparation, protocol exclusively in writing, in accordance with Article .. 158 § 2 k. Pc

After calling appeared:

The applicant himself, who declares. they understand Polish, but it's hard to talk to her. The player with the attorney advocate, Ewa Zielinska-authorization on file.

District Prosecutor Lublin - Lublin Eve in South yeast personally. Appear in the English language translator Agata. () Dry.

Przc ... wodnicząca had depicted the case and revealed the file V NSM 569/09 and V NSM 509/09 and notes

in the file is a response to the request, copies of which shall serve the applicant and the prosecutor,

The applicant supports the proposal.

A proxy does not recognize the participant's request,

The prosecutor states that take a position after the inquiry, the court decides! informational interview participants.

Monika Markowska age 24, an employee of stores. nk, explains:

I am unmarried, I have one child, born Jessica, 12 August 2005, was born in Dublin, Ireland. The child was found in Ireland at the office. I do not know how to call this office. In the office s, .1 issued birth certificates. I am staying in Ireland since 2002, Moi. parents reside in London since 1998 or longer. I can not say how often you come to Polish, because I have them very small contact. We lived together with the participant about three years - oci 2002 to 2009 was at that time lived together without major interruptions, were mixing to birth a child without a break, then backgrounds, there was no interruption. We worked together in my mother dealt with the participant's child, even during breaks at work we were together, then at some point he changed


JD: FAMILY FAX NO: 0814775182    Lo MAR, 2011 11:20 p.7

work and have worked in different places. In his new job had often stay after hours, because that was the nature of the work, a participant called and asked where I was. worked in miejseu, where the food was prepared to provide on request and I are je.dzenie dosture.-zalam. In the summer of 2009 clokladnej duty not remember a participant became increasingly jealous and unhappy that I'm going back home late and do have the strength to deal with the cleaning and the house, He began to record me. I began to suspect that his absence will bring men home. It was a PC camera. Confirmed record "will bring nothing to anyone. We tried to talk about it, but he Siq stai aggressive and violent, he began to push me, rarely drank aikohol participant, "but once he left and returned with kolegarni the alcohol at that time I was the kid in the bed, How came it started to push me and hit me on the head with the hand. I had a bruise on the back of the head. This whole situation started ing, erować parents participant. One day my mom came and loading & my hair with my permission. Later, a participant said., I look like a slut, We were fighting more and I had to SIA tiumaczyć his parents, because of their mieszk.a.liśmy, did not want to, that they interfered in our affairs, but this is worse case. Since the participant was eoraz more brutal, so I decided that I need young, k '. The participant decided that he wanted to return to the Polish, but I did not want to. At home we spoke in Romany. I moved in June or July 2009 r, z when the participant was a child for a walk. I thought. Because then I'll be back after dzieeko, but my and his family started in this increasingly interfere. I had not prepared the place only after leaving the house, I went to the hotel. For two days I lived in a hotel and then found a house that he rented with another person. Participant called this to me because he wanted me to come back to him, and I do not want to, but I asked for contact with the child. Participant does not even let me porozmavviać with the child on the phone. In the meantime, the participant drove behind me and followed me, he gave me realize that I was paying for a child! although it was not her supervisor, but resigned from the funnel of the case. I can read and write in English. I went to school in 4ng1ii. After the Polish f can not read and write, but it requires a lot of effort than not, signed consent for a passport for Jessica when we were together. It was at the Polish embassy in Dublin. At that time we lived together. Now it's hard for me to play, but the only person who signed the document for the daughters was me, then I was at the embassy itself. I was not a participant in Ireland, at this point the child had no document no. From the exit to the participant only time I saw Jessica running around the park. I saw dzieeko playing under the tutelage of a participant, but I do not I approached her. The fact that the child is not in Triandli learned just before the trial court in Ireland, where it was decided who has custody of the child and who has to pay child support, just before the trial participant call] laughing that I did not ITILI in Ireland just that. I'm already in Poland. This was at the end of 2009, I have Polish citizenship, I remember that I signed before a notary documents for the care of Jessica, my parents came to 'Ireland and forced me to sign the document because it found that they had a lot of problems if I do not sign. If I remember correctly, it signed a document with a notary. I did not read the document that I signed, I did not have that option, I do not even got a document to hand, but I had to sign it. I do not know if it was a notary, so I'm told, that this is a notary public, as I recall, it seems to me that I signed at the notary one document, Nothing I read the letter with a notary, the notary did not inform about it, that does not speak Polish sufficiently because parents arrange everything. In Ireland, my parents came to my place of work and took my passport and said, with May; ł problems with the parents of the participant and I wanted to help them. That's why I came to Polish. In our tradition, so that the participant claimed that I walked away from him with another man, then we have them zz. 'tplacić,' a lot of money for his pain, the participant's parents threatened my parents beating and the need to pay a lot of money. My parents did not report this to the police. In our tradition, nothing to report this to the police, but we handle it ourselves. Gypsy king miserable. that solves such problems, Tuk micszk • lam with a participant, it soon came back from work, I tried to spend every moment with your child, cook it, I went for a walk with her. I worked from morning until 06,00-07.00 16.00 or 18.00. Undertook interviews with lawyers Majka me to recover a child in March 2010, I know where the participant lives in Lublin. I was there a couple of times as we were still together. Since the output from participant to participant did not come to Lublin. When I left it was not an easy situation. I have not seen the child since 2009, the work is not done me any trouble and supported me. It was not my decision, as I did not see the child. If I come here, it


: Birth and NN ') . "FAX NO: 10 MAR OB14775182. 2011 11:21    STR. El

wpuszezona probably would not be a child. We have been Trla.ndii as we parted. I do not know the Polish law on contact with a child. Case in Ireland, founded the not knowing! Because the child was exported from Ireland. I did not know that was the case in Poland, to deprive me of parental wiadzy. Lawyer in Ireland told me to go to the Polish and learned "what these documents that I signed here in Poland. The deprivation of parental

I learned here in winter 2010, the Court went to the participant not to see the child, because they do not want me to see your child and will force me to sign other documents. Do not send your child any gifts, Chcialarn give gifts for a child actor. The date of 24 November 2009, the child lived with mri4 at 75 Fairways, which gave the proposal in paragraph 6 on page 3 Now I live with a man with whom I rent a house. This is my colleague. We are not in a relationship is rilÓj colleague from work and live together, and maybe someone is badly understood. In the document, the lawyer is wrongly given that I live with a partner. I came here with protection. Protection is of Polish. They are hired people, friends gave me money to hire these people. I was in that court in 2010 winter. I got a copy of the order to withdraw my parental authority, Union. Then the court to communicate with the employee sig in Polish. I do not want anything to happen to anyone, I'm just seeing a child, but I want to have a baby and I will not hinder relations father. I would not do this little girl that had not seen his father. Sam through this before and I do not want a child to pass through.

Andrzej Urbanowicz, 27, kasjcr mik.wyjaśnia:

I work in a grocery store at st. Lipinski in Lublin and delivery of merchandise sometimes. The child lives with me and my parents, child does not go to preschool, kindergarten is written to the school No. 25 in Lublin, lived together since 2002, when he came to Ireland to earn money. We lived together until May 2008, according to my knowledge, the applicant did not go to school, once told me that in England, went to school. At home we spoke in rornskim and Polish, however, spoke in romskirn. By May 2008, we lived under and there was no arguing. I am single, Jessica is my only child. In May 2008, Monica moved out taking our savings and swojo things. She came home drunk two months before May, Klose calling her. Left the house without saying where he was going, sometimes not coming home at night. Monica behavior tolerated because I wanted us to be together, no quarrels. Arguing and did not return home last night. There are three or four times. Six, seven times back drunk. She was returning from work at 18.00 - 19.00 and sometimes he returned with 15.00-16,00. Jessiku has three passports. The child was given first passport in 2007, then we were together in Poland with the applicant to register a child in Poland. In late 2007, I did not want to have to travel to Ireland, but the applicant insisted and left in late 2007 after the departure of late started going back to Monica's house, then moved out, and for three weeks I tried to phone her, but the phone turned off fines , r In July 2009, I called to Monica telling her "I'm going with Jessica from permanently to the Polish and if she agrees to a passport for Jes, piss. She said she agrees, but will provide the permission by his father. I told her also that I will be in Poland zz.tkladal case of deprivation of their rights. She said that it is the courts will not roam. Her father provided me with consent for a passport in March 2009 r, second passport, the child has a sophisticated yet how the participant lived together. The third passport have developed the same participants after deprivation of parental authority. I finished second passport expiry date Jessica., Because I needed the authorization of the applicant, in July 2009, came from a Polish child. Since then, the child is constantly in Poland. After 2007, the child was in ireland. Since May 2008, the child is still with me. The applicant urn to read and write in Polish. I have not seen the applicant with any man, someone just to call it!, But I do not know who that woman or a man and go out somewhere. It was after work. I sat with the child the entire CZLI. During one year I was on welfare from 2008 to 2009, as we were together, it worked and the child dealt with my mother. The applicant was returning from work and said "she was tired and went to bed. How have days off, then together we have been a kid, I went for a walk with your child. The applicant's parents lived in Ireland since the end of 2007 to 2009 r, came to us and talked with his daughter. I do not know what they talked to her,


3D URODZINNY FAX NO : 0814775182 10 MAR. 2011 11:22    p.9

went to the kitchen and talked about something. When I came back from a walk, Lo saw scattered things and saw that our savings disappeared in the amount of 7,000 euros. The applicant did not, and her stuff was gone. She did not take things a child. I've never tried to have koałaktu of a child. The applicant is not prohibited from seeing the child. How the applicant moved out, I'm not working, I was unemployed, because previous work had ended. When you move with a child left me without a single cent. My parents have helped me if I worked for the beginning of 2008 these 7000 were euro is our common pieniktd.ze. I received unemployment benefits at the amount of 215 cero. It is not true, "that left two tysiąee euro For the deprivation of parental authority can not remember the date when the time grew up the daughter, The applicant since May 2008, did not try to make contact with the child. law does not provide for consequences of Roma as a woman moves out of a man and a child. I

your mother should have contact with the child, but she did not try, Child says in the Roma language and Polish. It does not say in English. The 'Ireland is not taught her English. She heard only stories. The child does not remember her mother, does not ask about his mother. There are no photos at home mother. I spoke with her ​​daughter ° mother. Jes, peeing my mother says, Mom,

At this point, the participant representative shall submit a certificate from the school No. 25, copies of the applicant and the prosecutor dorecząjąe,

The applicant further explains:

From my sister, I learned that the child participant said that her mother does not eat. My sister lives in ireland.

The applicant states that the evidence does not answer requests.

Attorney seeks evidence from parents participant testimony to the fact the child bond with his mother.

The proxy participant brings to postpone the hearing and the testimony of witnesses reported in response to a request at the expense of the participant and the admission of evidence from the testimony of a witness in the person of Dorothy notary Maksymiuk the fact that the applicant knowingly made ​​a statement before the nołarilISZCM. Others zgiasza no further evidence, Parents of participants are called: Joseph Dobrowolski and Boguslaw Dobrowolska WRN, Lublin ul, Prusa 5,

Decision , the Court decided:

  1.     to postpone the hearing of 02 March 2011, at 10.00 am Room XVII;

  2.     allow evidence from a witness Józefh Dobrowolski and Boguslawa Dobrowolska Order, Lublin ul. Prusa 5 on the occasion of the mother child relationship, to bring the agent to commit a participant:,

3,    allow witness evidence and Christine Thomas Markowski Tyczyn no. White Podlaska st. Transverse 14 in fact nieuprowadzenia child custody after leaving the mother, the applicant's life, child neglect, possession of language Polish and make representations before notariuszern, commit to bring the proxy participant;

4th    dismiss the application for the admission of evidence from the testimony of a witness notary Dorothy Maksymiuk:

5, applicant, participant and his attorney, the prosecutor and translator Agata Osuch verbally informed about the date today.

The decision was announced.

President Clerk


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